High Quality Premium wordpress theme for just $5.

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Elloria is the first premium wp theme from chrisamdesigns .


Elloria got a beautifull and elegant design. Its greenish grass background give an astonishing fell to the light design of the theme.


Elloria theme use the lalest code stuff so you can make sure that there will be no bugs or flows in it.

Responsive Design

Elloria is designed and developed for all kind of devices . You can see the theme beautifully on any screen sizes without any problems.If you have been looking for a simple and elegant wp theme layout that is also responsive, then Elloria is the best choice for you at this price point.

Custom Home template

The theme offers a custom homepage template. It contains beautifully designed flexslider, custom callout box , three custom widget area , Your latest post box and the About author box .

Theme Options

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.
You can upload any logo you want through the theme options panel . And also you can add your favicon, About author, custom call out box, slider settings, Social media settings, banner settings and so.



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  • Sydney

    Nice one, will try it now out, 5$ worth by only seeing screenshot / demo 🙂

  • Andy Woggle

    Nice theme, but I can’t make the slider show. is there a support place anywhere, or can you run me through it? It’s driving me nuts

  • Gyrofly

    Cannot figure out how to trigger the slides for the homepage slider. I have a page created, title “home,” with “homepage” template set. Blog post title “slide1” with featured image set to the image I want for slide1, and category “slider”. Under theme options, I’ve got the slider category set to “slider.” Not seeing any images. Thanks.

    • http://chrisamdesigns.com/chrisamdesigns/ Sam Daniel Mathew

      You have to go to the readings settings and set the front page to static page and select the page that you created with the “homepage” template . Hit save.